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Kilimanjaro Travel Safaris Adventure Ltd established in 1993, is registered and Licensed in Tanzania, local, run by Group of Tourism professionals partners for travel services provision. Being Tanzanians, we are passionate about our country, have profound knowledge of the country tourist destinations, natural surroundings, wildlife safaris, and indigenous cultures and are proud to be able to show you.Last minute bookings of trips are available, Kilimanjaro climbing trips available are Machame and Rongai. Ask now for available seats on last minute booking, ask for discount Tanzania safaris and Kilimanjaro trekking adventures. Moshi Kilimanjaro trekking office advises about budget hotels and Lodges near Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro trekking adventure trip Machame route is famous and it is trail with high success rate summit. 

Holiday goers and travelers recognize Gold travel rewards from Private guide, seal of excellence.

Best Private Guide in Tanzania

乞力马扎罗山野生动物园探险有限公司成立于1993年,在坦桑尼亚本地注册并许可,由旅游专业人士集团经营。 作为坦桑尼亚人,我们对我们的国家充满热情,对国家的旅游目的地,自然环境,野生动物游猎活动和土著文化有深刻的了解,并为能够向您展示而感到自豪。 是Machame和Rongai。 向坦桑尼亚询问徒步旅行和乞力马扎罗山冒险之旅。 莫西乞力马扎罗山徒步旅行办公室为乞力马扎罗山附近的山林小屋提供咨询。 乞力马扎罗山(Kilimanjaro)徒步探险之旅Machame路是著名的,它是高海拔的山顶。 我们有英文向导和中文翻译,帮助您攀登乞力马扎罗山并享受非洲之旅。

Budget Kilimanjaro trekking prices in 2018, check for latest adventure offers to summit Kilimanjaro. Big discounts are available for groups and students of high school and varsities. Dare to inquire and get fair prices, quality services of great value.

Email: info@kilitraveladventurestz.com

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Safari bookings in Tanzania can be tedious and confusing to find nature wildlife destinations and reputable tour operator to book with. Wildlife safari game parks of Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro are top northern circuit safaris Tanzania. Tanzania safari booking travel tips and tourism reviews are provided to help safari goer to choose favorite safari lodge or safari camp for overnights. Budget camping safari is one kind of basic safari camp whereby tourists get accommodation at public campsites inside National parks or Ngorongoro conservation area. Travel tips and tourism reviews for African safari holidays help safari goes get best travel deals and save money. Travel tips about destinations helps tourists save money on cheap hotels booking and budget Kilimanjaro trekking adventures. Budget Hotels in Moshi are way to have relaxation night before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and after successful summit. Discount Hotel rates in Moshi, makes your adventure trip cheap, and hence travel tips of available tourist hotels in Moshi is important. Budget Hotels Moshi recommended are Secret Garden Hotel Moshi, Rafiki Backpackers, Osy Grand Hotel, Kilimanjaro View Lodge, Central Paris Hotel,Hibiscus Hotel, Zebra Hotel, Buffalo Hotel etc. Rate of room is from 15 to 30 US $ per night on B/B. Restaurant with international menu and cheap price per plate vary cost from 5 to 10 US $.#cheaphotelmoshi

Trekking and adventures on 5 continents high Mountains,Everest, Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus etc

High Adventure around the World by Alan Ingram - Photographs, articles and information on walks, climbs, treks and overland travels on five continents

Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions advise in Moshi Tanzania and budget trips booking Rongai route, Machame route Kili climb and Lemosho ecotourism private climb are provided.

Travel tips and vacation trips destination information are provided. Get free travel tips such as climbing training, Kilimanjaro routes details, hiking gears, wildlife tours destination and budget travel deals, explore worldwide travel directory. #budgethotelsMoshi

Join group climbing Kilimanjaro are latest Kilimanjaro travel deals available from July to October and December to March. Solo travellers can join group trekking up Kilimanjaro summit and save money. Kilimanjaro trips are provided on best Kilimanjaro trails of Machame, Rongai and Lemosho. Kilimanjaro joining tours are available daily from July onwards and that is dry season, best time to hike Kilimanjaro. So scheduled departure Kilimanjaro trips are available daily, so interested climbers can choose any date and sign up trip booking. Joining group trip are cheap because group shared services and reduce cost. You can also book private guided Kilimanjaro expedition and get affordable price to fit your budget.

New travel product introduced at Lake Manyara is amazing walkway platform on tree is walking Safari on this 400m canopy walk. Tree walking begins with a short board-walk that gradually rises from ground level up through the canopy of the forest.

Lake Manyara sightseeing walking safari is like Table Mountain Aerial Cableway South Africa. Kilimanjaro cable car plan is protested by many groups like Mount Kilimanjaro guides, Kilimanjaro porters and environmental conservation groups.

Promotional discount travel deals available for booking Kilimanjaro trips in 2017. Private guided Kilimanjaro trekking and wildlife safaris Tanzania are available, ask for price quotation for comparison or booking. 

KILIMANJARO TRAVEL ADVENTURE SAFARIS LTD provides travel tips like cheap flights booking, hotel booking etc. International flights booking travel tips include Turkish Airlines cheap flights and season discount promotion. Booking online Turkish airline which flights direct to JRO Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Now, welcome and book tour online with your VISA OR MASTERCARD and other Credit cards. Tourists can confirm trips booking such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro trips and Tanzania safaris, pay online by Credit card through Payoneer. 

Kilimanjaro Travel Safaris Adventure Ltd plans and deals with African safaris, Tanzania safaris, camping safaris, climbing mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro tours, mount Kilimanjaro trekking, responsible travel, biking, cycling, mountain bike, nature safaris, car hire, ecotourism, budget travel, cheap flights, flight tickets, budget hotels, southern circuit safaris, Selous game reserve safaris, budget lodges, budget safaris, cheap Tanzania safaris, beach holidays and luxury Tanzania wildlife safaris.

This Tanzania safari tour operator website dedicated to offer you information for planning and booking your safari holiday.










We organize travel tour trips to discover World Geographic Tanzania wilderness areas, to see maximum wild animals, habitats, beach areas, different tribes, mountains, ecotourism, climbing and hiking, walking safaris, nature trekking and much more. Adventure travel packages include kilimanjaro trekking adventures,wildlife safaris, camping safaris, hot air balloon safaris, budget camping safaris, kilimandscharo trek, adventure summer travel, summer adventure trips, budget adventure trips, Kilimandscharo Machame trek and adventure rongai climbing Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania wildlife guides are naturalistic safari tour leaders which show you wildlife of Tanzania. Tanzania wildlife species include all Africa big 5 wildlife such as Lion, Leopard, Buffalo,Elephant and Rhinoceros. Other wildlife species are giraffes, wild dogs, wildebeest migration,zebras and birds. Meet professional wildlife guides in Tanzania for wildlife safaris, photographic safaris, photo tours, film safaris, budget camping safaris, camping safaris, adventure travel, budget tented camps, luxury mobile camps and lodge safaris. Kilimanjaro Travel - wildlife guides will show you best of Tanzania including mammal species, bird species, natural history of african wildlife, local tribes culture,sight seeing tour and environment.

Adventure sports and Wildlife safaris involve vacation holiday activities like Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, Kilimanjaro sight seeing tours, Tanzania safaris, photographic safaris, cultural tourism, ecotourism, camping safaris, and responsible travel and beach holidays.

Safari Lodges near Ngorongoro crater, these are budget hotels which offer affordable room rates.

If you book accommodation inside Ngorongoro, you pay Lodges room price and pay concession fee, this make safari budget high. Best option to save money and still have quality safari lodge or tented camp is to book accommodation at Karatu. Kilimanjaro Travel Adventures Safari Ltd, prepares safari itinerary and recommends suitable Tented camps for wildebeest migration and cheap hotels in Karatu. With this safari itinerary, you get budget safari trip and you can book and pay instantly with Credit card or Bank wire transfer.

 Kilimanjaro Travel Safaris Adventure Ltd travel consultants and tour coordinators deals with you direct for customer care and real time information. Tailor-make safaris and Kilimanjaro climbing trips will be organized based on client interests and budget. We provide accurate up-to-date information, planning & implementation careful, ensuring your maximum enjoyment, satisfaction during your vacation holiday in Tanzania. There are also travel packages,travel deals,flight tickets,car hire,cheap travel packages,last minute travel and more you as you want. Safari rental cars for wildlife tours 4 x 4 game drives and sightseeing tours are available from Arusha and Karatu. Budget car hire travel deals are available for your Tanzania safari vacation.










Why use Tour Operator??... you are safe, travel logistics planned. Support poverty eradication campaign by travelling with Local Tour operator in Tanzania. Some of your money will go for natural resources, wildlife conservation, ecotourism, education and community development projects. Further more you save your $$$$EAST AFRICAN TOURIST DESTINATION REGION.For Chimpanzee safaris in Gombe or Mahale, Gorilla tracking in Uganda or Rwanda and Congo, mountain climbing in Kilimanjaro,Meru and Oldongo trekking trips, book under one roof.Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, Mount Kenya, Meru, Oldonyo Lengai and mt.Kilimanjaro, useful ecosystems in East Africa.

Email 2: info@kilitraveladventurestz.com



African safari promotion, tanzania wildlife safaris 7 days. 

Book Tanzania safaris online and pay via Credit Card.

Tanzania safaris tour will visit Lake Manyara, Serengeti

Ngorongoro and Tarangire National Parks, including sight seeing,cultural tourism and olduvai gorge. African safaris trip to see all BIG 5, wildebeest migration, big cats lions,leopards and many species. Birds and crocodiles in Grumeti River. Travelling alone, join a group and get more enjoyment on safari tour,joining a group saves money. Join a group departing between 2 to 7 August, 2011. 

Safaris information  on how to get budget safaris in Africa with tips on how to find a cheap safari in Tanzania. Travel consultants will help tourists find an affordable safari in Africa especially Tanzania budget safaris. There are 5 days budget camping safaris, budget tanzania lodge safaris, budget wildlife safaris and 7 days wildlife safaris in Tanzania.

See our 7 days wildlife safaris itinerary, http://www.kilitraveladventurestz.com/safarissafariitinerary.htm and see price details and all services included. Contact us now.

Offers African safaris and tours in Southern and East Africa including accommodation, adventure tours, car rental and more.

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Kilimanjaro Trekking Abenteuer ist spannend Bergabenteueradventure in Afrika. Kilimandscharo zhlt 7 Naturwunder Afrikas und Weltkulturerbe. Kilimandscharo ist begehbar Berg vom Fu bis zum Gipfel im Gegensatz zu anderen 7 Weltgipfel Gipfel wie Everest, Denali, Elbrus, Ancocagua etc

Buchen Kilimandscharo Tour und erhalten Sie reisen viel, sind alle Dienste in einer Tour-Paket enthalten. Fhrungen nach Kilimandscharo zu besteigen sind auf Ihre Muttersprache Englisch, Deutsch, Russland, Spanisch, Chinesisch, Italienisch und Franzsisch verfgbar. Jetzt anfragen und erhalten gnstige Reisepaket. Kilimandscharo Routen zu empfehlen sind Machame Route Rongai Route und Lemosho. Extend your travel time by booking budget camping safaris, wildlife safaris and cheap Zanzibar beach holidays Tanzania.

Kilimandjaro climbing adventure is exciting mountaineering adventure in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is among 7 natural wonders Africa and World Heritage site. Kilimanjaro is walkable mountain from the foot to the summit unlike other 7 world summit peaks, such as Everest, Denali, Elbrus, Ancocagua e.t.c. 

Book Kilimandjaro tour and get budget travel deal, all services are included in a tour package. Guided tours to climb Kilimandjaro are available on your native language from English, German, Russia, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and French. Inquire now and get cheap travel package. Kilimanjaro routes recommended are Machame route, Rongai route and Lemosho.

Machame route is Kilimanjaro route recommended for tourists who have some climbing training or some experience while Rongai route is easier route whereby first time climbers can trek successful. Budget trips trekking adventures and group travel deals are available. Private Kilimanjaro climbing trips are organized and recommended on Lemosho route and Rongai route.


Northern circuit route on Kilimanjaro treks and Camping Safaris booking

Mountain climbing professional guides in Tanzania, look at nature Kilimanjaro trail northern circuit route 

Adventure of lifetime through private Kilimanjaro routes like Northern circuit, Lemosho route etc

 Outdoor Adventure Life Guide An information website on how to improve all aspects of your life such as marriage and other relationships, health, travel, and jobs through various adventure activities! 

Kilimandscharo klettern reisen budget Trekking expeditions in Tanzania recommended trip is Northern circuit. Group get discount prices, get cheap price Kilimanjaro climbing adventure for 5 people or more.

Organizes kilimanjaro trekking to Kilimanjaro summit, Kibo peak. Mount Kilimanjaro snow, scenery beauty, forest, wild animals, volcanic rocks and waterfalls are some of reasons why tourists are attracted to visit and climb.

Climbing mount kilimanjaro is main sports adventure travel that gets many visitors from across the world. Climbing kilimanjaro packages are well planned and comfort. Kilimanjaro trips starts from when you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Other travelers come through Jommo Kenyatta Airport, Nairobi Kenya and enters Tanzania by Daily Bus shuttles.

Kilimanjaro climbing routes include machame route, rongai route, marangu trail, umbwe route, shira, lemosho and northern circuit. Northern circuit route is scenery beauty and traverse across nearly whole kilimanjaro mountain.

Contact us for more details: info@kilitraveladventurestz.com

Gorilla tracking and chimpanzee safaris 

Chimpanzee safaris is ecotourism trip to explore primates in African jungle safari parks like gombe and mahale national parks. This tour involves walking safaris, hiking and trekking to explore chimpanzee in nature forests like gombe and mahale.

Gorilla tracking is unique african safaris and exclusively done in Volcano national park in Rwanda and also bwindi national park Uganda. Gorilla are primates which lives in tropical mountain forests.

Booking of Gorilla tracking need to be done about 6 months in advance because Gorilla tracking permits are few and spaces have to be pre booked. Combo tours Tanzania safaris Moshi to Chimpanzee safaris Gombe Tanzania. Chimpanzee safaris is real ecotourism travel in Tanzania include trekking and wildlife safaris.

Tourists can book combo or mixed vacation holiday travel like Tanzania safari 7 days, kilimanjaro climb 6 days and or 4 days Gorilla tracking.

 Gorilla safari and Gorilla tracking

Gorilla tracking safaris can be done in Rwanda

Volcano National park is home to Gorilla and golden Monkeys. Chimpanzee safaris in Tanzania Gombe and Mahale National parks. Chimpanzee trekking safaris takes 4 to 5 days. Chimpanzee area among primates in West Tanzania and nearby Rwanda. Book Northern Tanzania safari 7 days and combine with 4 days Chimpanzee trekking.

We invite you to experience the adventure of a lifetime, seeing things you have only dreamed about! Our gorilla safaris are far more exciting than your average day in the park. Our educated tour company can offer a wide variety of tours as short as 1 day and as long as our 17 day game safari. Our staff greets you at the airport and transfers you to your hotel. A guide will contact you on the day of your gorilla safari to get you ready for your tour. We offer a wide range of services including Airport Pickups and transfers, Pre and post safari hotel reservations, excursions and long safaris, private and group tours.

Due to the love for these endangered gorillas and the continuous request from people wanting to track these giant beauties in Africa, we have designed this itinerary to keep this a lasting memory; one you are sure to never forget. We have all been on vacation but imagine packing your things and flying over night to inhabit a land you have only seen of in Hollywood movies. Movies like Gorillas in the Mist make us realize these creatures are one of beauty and uniqueness. Not to be hurt but to be seen, helped and held up. Our tours in no way harm the habitat or security of our precious apes. If you have been searching for the trip of a lifetime, and want to consider a gorilla safari, let www.africansecrets.ltd.ug help you start turning your dreams into reality.

Safari Lodges, Tourist Hotels, Luxury camps and Budget Tented camps for African safaris and worldwide Hotels

Browse and grab hotel deals, vacation holidays accommodation, budget hotels, cheap island lodges and leisure travel.

Worldwide accommodation on Hotels, safari lodges and wilderness outdoor travel camps

Now Kilimanjaro Travel Adventure Safaris Ltd organizes and provides last minute bookings for mount kilimanjaro climbing trips on lemosho route, machame route and rongai route. Climbing mount kilimanjaro tour can be booked just a week before arrive. Tourists can just book climbing kilimanjaro trip or kilimanjaro trekking expedition and pay a little deposit to guarantee the seat. We can accept by Bank swift wire transfer or by Credit Card on PAYONEER.

Last minute bookings on tented camping safaris, Machame route Kilimanjaro trekking, Lemosho route Kilimandscharo klettern, Rongai route Kilimanjaro climb are accepted, for Marangu route we need at least 2 months booking. We deal with travel deals of budget camping safaris and luxury tented camps. Budget camping safaris 7 days, 6 days and 10 luxury tented camping safari Tanzania. Pay through Skrill - use your credit card 

How much does it cost for climbing mount kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Budget kilimanjaro climbing is on machame and rongai route. Machame route is most beautiful and scenic than Rongai route. How ever rongai route is easier and also have wilderness sense. Machame route has privacy as many people go to Marangu route.

COntact us now for Kilimanjaro trekking trip, hike kilimanjaro with experts. contact now:

Email: info@kilitraveladventurestz.com

News headline on wildlife safaris and climbing mount kilimanjaro is Africa 7 natural wonders

Travel press release include tour offers, cheap hotels booking, discount flight fares, budget adventures and low cost safaris Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro, wildebeest migration Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater are among winners for 7 natural wonders Africa. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Ngorongoro are top tourist destinations and Travel places.

Tourist things to do are wildlife safaris, game drives, walking safaris, trekking, climbing and volcano tours. 7 natural wonder Africa winners among 12 natural attractions were announced in 11 February at mount Meru Hotel Tanzania.

 Travelers visiting African continent for wildlife safaris and mountain climbing trips will choose Tanzania because most of its tourist attractions are proved to be natural and conforming to ecotourism. Camping safaris bring travelers closer to nature. Camping safaris options include luxury tented camps which sounds like western lodge standard while sleeping in canvas tents under the stars. Budget Camping safaris is a basic tented camping whereby tourists camp in public campsites with all comfort facilities like shower and toilets. Some budget camping safaris can also choose to camp in special private campsites too.



Budget Camping Safari/Basic tent safari operates in such a way that A Driver Guide, cook and clients travel in same 4WD with camping equipment and food supply to the national parks. Camping equipment offloaded at public campsite with cook and then Driver Guide with clients proceed to the wilderness for wildlife watching and game drives.

Accommodation is mattresses laid down inside erected tents on ground sheet. Tourists/clients are also advised to bring sleeping bags

Tanzania safari tours is all the same, uses 4WD safari car for game drives, armed ranger for walking safari etc, difference come on style and level of comfort during wildlife safari. Tanzania safari itineraries you can choose are 4 Days wildlife safari to Serengeti National park and Ngorongoro crater, 5 days adventure safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Tanzania safari 7 days with culture experience etc or more days. Serengeti National park is a natural wildlife sanctuary and game park for wildebeest migration tours, this is one of 7 new natural wonders Africa. 


Bagamoyo beach holiday, southern circuit safaris and cheap flight tickets booking

Tourists can do Tanzania Southern circuit safaris and extend their tour to Bagamoyo beach holiday. Travel tips useful to tourists are how to get to Tanzania, flight is main way and fast to travel to Tanzania. Etihad Airways and Fly Dubai travel daily between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Tanzania. Other International Airlines which provide cheap Airfares are Emirates Air and Qatar Airways.  Booking cheap flight tickets from China and Europe to Tanzania are Turkish Airlines, Condor Air and scheduled charter flights from Italy, Spain and German. Online booking of cheap flight tickets is possible through Travel agents and airlines website.

Safari tour to Selous game reserve, udzungwa, ruaha and mikumi national park. Southern circuit tour can last for 10 to 14 days including safari tour to selous, mikumi,ruaha and udzungwa national park, adventure travel and beach holidays to Bagamoyo beach.

This vacation holiday package is special for German citizen and other European countries who wish to know and remember how missionaries came to Africa, especially Tanzania to stop slave trade and spread Christianity. 

Typical safaris in Tanzania which enable tourists to explore Bagamoyo slavery and missionary history. There are remained ruins of Arab buildings used for slave trade, German fort buildings for missionary activities, church and beach resorts and hotels.

Travel package for history and wildlife safaris Tanzania can have several combinations like 7 days safari to selous game reserve, mikumi and ruaha park plus 3 days to explore history of Bagamoyo slavery and first missionaries in East Africa.

Some tourists may choose 10 days southern circuit safari to Selous, udzungwa, ruaha and mikumi, plus 2 days to bagamoyo for beach holiday, missionary history and slave trade legends. Wildlife safaris to Selous game reserve and Ruaha National park is a ticket to see all big 5 wildlife species in Africa. A stop over at Mikumi National park can make a Tanzania safari itinerary of 7 days, 8 days or 9 days. Tanzania safari options can be tented camps or safari lodges. There are budget camping safaris and luxury tented camps for safari tours. Lodge safari can be on luxury safaris or budget safari lodges. 

Other travel packages or tourist destinations are Mount Kilimanjaro where by travelers can climb Kilimanjaro and visit Bagamoyo after kilimanjaro trek. A Visit to Serengeti for wildebeest migration, ngorongoro crater and others is renown wonderful wildlife destination in Tanzania.

Tourists will see buildings used for slave trade in Bagamoyo, missionary church, German fort, and kaole ruins.

Please look more pictures/photos from Bagamoyo historical town.

For information and booking: info@kilitraveladventurestz.com

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Kilimanjaro trekking and safari Africa travel blog holidays leisure tours

Travel blog for safari Africa and climbing mountains like Kilimanjaro

Safari to Selous game reserve and other National Parks like Udzungwa, Ruaha and Mikumi, is well known as Southern circuit safari. Tanzania safari itineraries southern are 3 days safari to Selous, 4 days Tanzania safari to Selous, 7 days wildlife safari to Mikumi National Park and Selous, 8 days Safari to Selous and Ruaha and 10 days wildlife safari tours to all game parks above.

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Northern circuit Tanzania safari booking is the African safari holidays plan to do wildlife tours in Serengeti National park, Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Mount Kilimanjaro Shira or Lemosho. Sightseeing destinations include Lake Chala Moshi, waterfalls Moshi, hot springs Kikuletwa, Lake Eyasi, Lake Natron, Horse riding Arusha and Camel nomad travel Arusha. Recommended wildlife safari tours are 5 days Tanzania safari, 6 days lodge safaris, 7 days budget camping safaris, 8 days deluxe leisure safaris, vacation, travel safaris and sightseeing tours 10 days and photographic film safaris.

Kilimanjaro Travel Business name and under Trade name Kili Tanzanite enterprises aim is to provide quality services which suit International tourists, provide price cost options which fit many budget of every pocket, make affordable travel packages for backpackers and professional private guides for Kilimanjaro climbing adventures.

Browse and discover special promotion for booking safari to Selous game reserve, Ruaha, Mikumi, saadani, Udzungwa Mountains national parks, affordable Southern circuit safaris Tanzania, vacation trips, and leisure tours. Special tours promotion include group joining tours, join safari trips, solo traveler group joining Kilimanjaro climb, travel buddies and wildlife safaris joining groups.

Choose from budget camps, mobile luxury camps and safaris lodges in Southern game parks. There are a lot of wilderness camps and lodges in selous, ruaha, mikumi you can choose depending on your budget.

Responsible travel is considered very well when planning vacation trips and leisure tours for tourists. Ecotourism hotspots are destinations chosen for best holiday plans of tourists for wildlife safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro climbing. Consider responsible travel so that we conserve nature and make tourism sustainable. Wildlife conservation and nature based tourism will help local communities feel part of tourism and accept environment conservation. Ecotourism include cultural tourism like Maasai culture at Masai bomas and chagga tribe tours at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and taste of coffee at coffee tours.

To climb Mount Kilimanjaro, choose Machame route. Get discount price costs and ask for dates of scheduled departure groups.

Private Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions are especially on Lemosho route and Northern circuit tours. These are example of ecotourism hotspots suitable for luxury Kilimanjaro climbing trips. These are responsible travel adventures organized by Kilimanjaro Travel for Mountaineers and International climbing guides.

Rongai route is gentle Kilimanjaro trail whereby climbing is easier compared to Machame, Umbwe and Lemosho. Rongai is a nature based responsible travel which ascend to Kilimanjaro summit on northern side.

Kilimanjaro price quote, Kilimanjaro travel deals, Contact us:

Email: info@kilitraveladventurestz.com

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Travel deals, join group Kilimanjaro climbing and promotions tour offers

Tour offers and safari promotions are available

Latest added Tour offers are Kilimanjaro trekking and discount safari travel deals

Join group climbing Kilimanjaro are available on selected Kilimanjaro routes of Lemosho, Rongai and Machame.

Last and latest cheap Kilimanjaro trek group is Lemosho route 7 days, departure is 24 August 2018.

Other group departures are Machame and Rongai routes climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Private booking Kilimanjaro expeditions are on all Kilimanjaro trails like Marangu, Rongai, Northern circuit, Lemosho route, Machame rout etc

Wildlife safari promotion cheap African safaris are Southern circuit safaris zone. Selous game reserve is one of top wildlife safari destinations

Safari booking options, depend on accommodation style you choose, price vary also from budget camping safaris, medium luxury tented camps, budget safari lodges, standard safari lodges and luxury safari lodges. Inquire for Tanzania safari quote and compare travel deals.

Contact us by EMail or WhatsApp

Email: info@kilitraveladventurestz.com

WhatsApp: +255784559111

Join group Kilimanjaro trekking and safari bookings

It is advisable to climb Kilimanjaro in the season with favorite weather; this is from June to October. Kilimanjaro trek scheduled Climb Dates are from June 20 to September 28 in 2019, weather is dry and no rain.

It is possible to join set dates existing climbs as mentioned below. The joining of an existing group will offer a social benefit, and also save money when booking Kilimanjaro climb. Choose your date and let us know your travel schedule to reserve your spot.

A Machame route 6 days

B Machame route 7 days

C Lemosho route 7 days

D Lemosho route 8 days

E Rongai route 7 days

These are the Mount Kilimanjaro adventures with fixed start dates and itineraries. All departures are guaranteed, and special prices (lower than for our private tour programs). Why Kilimanjaro cost become cheaper if you join group? This is because you share costs of some services but not all. Mountain climbing services shared are Transport to the Kilimanjaro route gate, salary to your guides/porters, food, cook and gratitude/tips amount is distributed to each climber.

Accommodation is very sensitive part of climb; we provide private tents and mattresses for each climb. You will not sleep in same tent with new person to you.



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2013AllRightsReserved.Comfortable Tanzania Vacation holiday safaris. Licensed under Tanzania Tourist protection act. - VISIT OUR OFFICE LOCATED AT BOMA ROAD, RINDI LANE OPPOSITE STANBIC BANK, NHC BUILDING - 1st Floor - Room 6